VA Foods

Healthy food is good for body and mind. But healthy eating is not self-evident, because flavor enhancers, colorants and allergens are always on the lookout. With the products of VA Foods you are not at risk. All products do not contain gluten, lactose, milk, peanut, nuts, sesame, egg, soy, legumes, mustard, lupine, celery, sulfite, fish, shell and molluscs. Also, all non-meat variants are also vegan. eating food together belongs in the present.

Chicken nuggets gluten-free lactose-free Halal

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Alaska is the brand for delicious corn roast with four different types of fillings.

gluten-free bar alaska

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LT Africa Teff

LT Africa Teff is the brand for gluten-free pasta in the form of Fusilli and Penne.

gluten-free pasta penne

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Våffel Bagaren

Våffel Bagar is the brand for gluten-free ice-horn comparable to the regulars.

gluten-free ijshoorn ice code

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MUG Cake

MUG Cake is a gluten-free powder that allows you to quickly make a cake.

gluten-free mug cake

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Hot Cod

Gluten-free fisch
glutenvrij vis

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