Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to answer any questions about our products, so please contact us.
Food Specialties is the easiest to reach through the contact form.
In addition, pen and paper can also be contacted by us. Our address is:

Food Specialties
PO Box 24
6100 AA Echt, The Netherlands

Food Specialties
PO Box 3
3680 Maaseik, Belgium

Food Specialties strives to answer every question within 10 business days. If you contact us via pen and paper then it may take some time for you to receive a response from us.

Food Specialties works on sustainable and/ or corporate social responsibility (CSR). Food Specialties tries to do anything to prevent food waste. Energy is never thrown away. If food is over date it is often chosen to divide it among the food banks for the poor. In terms of transport, environmental pollution and CO2, emissions merging transport with other transport in the area. This reduces the emission of toxic substances. Finance is also being co-operated with a sustainable bank ‘Triodos’. They claim to be one of the most sustainable bank of the world. Of course, Food Specialties will continue to work with CSR, together with the producers.

The outlets can be found on the outlet page.

Certainly, the products that is sold at Food Specialties are regularly organic. These are often announced by the manufacturer with a logo or separately described on the packaging.

Certainly, many products that are sold at Food Specialties are vegetarian. These are often labeled by the manufacturer with a logo.

Certainly, many products that is sold at Food Specialties are vegan. These are often labeled by the manufacturer with a logo.

People who get symptoms from eating gluten have an intolerance to gluten. Gluten proteins and are found in grains such as wheat, rye and barley. The name for it is Celiac disease.

Milk products contains lactose. It is a sugar, and is therefore also called milk sugar. Lactose can also be found in products that are made of milk: yogurt, cottage cheese, pudding, mousse, whipped cream, crème fraiche and so on. Lactose is also often seen in meats, biscuits, chips, etc.