About us

Family business

Food Specialties is a relatively young family company that is founded in 2017. It is driven by love for food and personal motivation is our drive to make unique and alternative products. It started with the distribution of the brand VA Foods and Norman’s, but we extended the brands we distribute. We take care of the importation and exportation for different European trading partners. We also distribute the brands to shops and foodservices. Our exporters deliver one to multiple times a week to our clients.

Food Specialties also develops and produces multiple food products and among them private label. We personally sell the products to our clients who in return are enthusiastic about our work.

Own production area
We are the first production location in the Netherlands where all 14 allergens including lactose are excluded according to European standards. The allergens are checked by an accredited laboratory. We also have our process checked by an independent agency and we are also audited annually by NVWA.
Food Specialties has its own production area with a separate bakery and snack area, including a 16-meter production line with a separate packaging area, cooking area and freezing areas. Every week, our employees are busy producing and developing high-quality products.
Hygiene and safety
Food Specialties sets high standards for cleaning and safety. As described above, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority checks us annually for hygiene and safety, among other things. In addition, an independent agency also checks our working method and production location.
Product development
We think quality is very important. We pay a lot of attention to the right ingredients and always try to improve our products where possible. Gluten-free, allergen-free and vegan products are often more difficult to develop and produce. Even though developing and producing these products is difficult, we try to make our products comparable or even better and healthier than regular products. We go for the highest attainable goal.
Private label
In addition to our own VA Foods brand, Food Specialties also offers the option of setting up a private label. Interested? Read more he
Supplier to many customers
Food Specialties supplies to wholesalers, catering food service (also on-board such as airplane and train service), food trucks, festivals, caterers, specialty shops such as organic and progressive shops, bakeries, restaurants, convenience stores, snack bars, chip shops, cafes and fast service companies.
Full support
Food Specialties supports VA Foods’ customers to achieve the highest possible turnover. We not only supply the products, we also provide advertising materials such as flyers and leaflets, set up a social media campaign, list them as a point of sale on vafoods.eu and assist them in sales and advice to employees and provide preparation advice. We think it is important that the staff is correctly informed, so that their customers are helped as well as possible.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Food Specialties produces its own energy using solar panels on the roof of our product location. This way we are almost completely energy neutral.
We try to combine the transport of our products with each other as much as possible, so that transport can be used as efficiently as possible.
Food Specialties also regularly donates products to the Dutch Food Bank. As a result, we have little or no food waste.
We also provide several gluten-free children’s camps with allergen-free products every year, so that the children can enjoy gluten-free food during the camps without any worries.